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Can’t wait to get behind the wheel of a freshly minted 2019 sports car? The restyled and reinvigorated Chevrolet Camaro has gotten an attention-getting makeover for 2019. Meticulously refurbished from the inside out, the new Camaro bundles upbeat styling and tech touches on the LS, LT and SS models, such as:
A colorful and well-positioned front-end fascia.
Chevrolet Rear Camera Mirror for improved rear views.
A comfortable and chic interior.
Finely chiseled and leaner exterior.
Chevy Infotainment 3 with navigation and more entertainment choices.
Forward collision alert.
Extra add-ons too cool to describe.
All the new Camaros have powerful engines. New and updated driver-centric tech puts more performance driving at your fingertips.

With re-energized trims and new tech, the Chevrolet Camaro SS is the star of the latest sports car roundups. And Sherman Chevrolet has the 2019 Camaro SS for sale in Sherman, available in coupe or convertible body style. This is good news for customers looking for unbeatable deals on the stunningly sustainable SS.

Car buyers who want to know about what’s new for the 2019 Camaro SS should check out the optional 10-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission. With built-in software for custom launch control and line lock, this algorithmic transmission yields notable variances. You can feel the difference at various speeds, twists and turns under all road conditions. Says auto magazine The Drive, “The 10-speed is good enough to stand up in a car that most enthusiasts would insist come with a row-your-own manual transmission.”

These built-ins also keep the revitalized Camaro SS in the spotlight:
Air extractor inside the grille and hood enhances road aerodynamics.
Auxiliary radiators step-up engine startup.
Differential and transmission coolers control overheating.
Sherman Chevrolet invites you to see the Sherman Chevy Camaro SS for sale at our dealership.
In addition to the Camaro SS, Sherman Chevrolet has great deals on the equally sporting Camaro LT, LS and SE. Each has its own trim package and visually appealing interior and exterior decor.

The Camaros for sale at our Sherman dealership are a feast for the eyes and a pleasure to drive. Arrange an appointment with a friendly Sherman Chevy sales rep to test drive on the track or around the block. Arrange a cash payment plan or finance your Camaro with us before our stock is totally depleted – the new Camaros are selling fast!

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