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Wet leaves are a road hazard – one that Chevy engineers kept in mind when they built their StabiliTrak into the Chevy Silverado. StabiliTrak works like an all-wheel drive system for your brakes, and it’s the key to the anti-skid technology and traction control for which the Chevy Silverado Stabilitrak is known.

It’s just one of the many very good reasons why we at Sherman Chevrolet Cadillac are proud to offer our customers the Silverado, along with many other fine Chevrolet and Cadillac models.

StabiliTrak is General Motors’ patented steering control system. It senses when your vehicle is in danger of losing lateral traction and automatically makes the small brake and engine torque changes needed to help keep you safe, on the road and in control.

StabiliTrak will pulse the brakes, alter engine power and improve your traction on any questionable or dangerous surface, from loose gravel to roads slippery from rain, snow, ice or wet leaves.

StabiliTrak technology also helps you stay in control and avoid collisions in other emergency situations, like sudden lane changes or other maneuvers you may make to avoid a dangerous situation on the road.

There’s even an option to integrate StabiliTrak with the brakes of any trailer you may be towing.

As an added feature, StabiliTrak is constantly monitored, and a warning light will turn on in case it needs maintenance. If that situation arises, we at Sherman Chevrolet Cadillac know just how to service it – and anything else on your Silverado that needs attention.

Now that you know what this amazing technology can do to keep you safe and in control on wet roads, come down to Sherman Chevrolet Cadillac to check out the Chevy Silverado with StabiliTrak for yourself.

We’ve found that the Silverado with StabliTrak is one of the best and fastest-selling of any Chevy models for sale in Sherman. If you have questions, our experienced mechanics and service staff will be happy to further explain how it works – and why it makes the Chevy Silverado and other GM vehicles among the safest to drive on slick, potentially dangerous roads.

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