Tips For Road-Tripping With Your Dog

March 12th, 2021 by

Owner and her dog | Sherman, TX

Family road trips need to include every member of your family, even the furry ones. No matter how experienced they might be at traveling, your dog needs some safety measures in place, so be sure to follow these steps before you embark on your next adventure.


Safety equipment

While it may seem okay to let your dog roam free inside the cabin, it’s not safe for you or your pup. Using a safety harness or pet carrier designed for your dog will help ensure nothing happens during the journey. For the back-seat rider, combining the use of a harness with a pet divider will give you more peace of mind.


Proper identification

It is important that your dog wears the proper collar and tags when traveling. Double-check to make sure the tag contains the correct contact information, including your cell phone number since you will be away from home. As an additional safety measure, type up a temporary tag unique for each destination, including the address of your hotel, campsite, or vacation rental.


Do a test run

Whether it is new and different or one you have been using for multiple trips, be sure to try out your safety equipment by taking your dog on a test run. Practicing for the real road trip will help make sure both you and your dog are comfortable and confident for when the next journey begins.


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