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April 20th, 2021 by

Wet Road | Sherman, TX

Even if you have lived in Sherman, Texas, for a short time, you already have found out that the roads here can get very slippery when it rains. Because we at Sherman Chevrolet care about your safety, we have these recommendations for safely driving in the rain with your family this spring.

Use safe, quality tires

Since your car’s tires are the only components that come in direct contact with the road, it makes sense that you should have quality tires equipped to the wheels. Unfortunately, many drivers in Sherman do not.

Make sure the tread depth on the tires is more than 1/16 inch. Any less than that, and they’re far more likely to hydroplane. Also, do not drive on cheap or damaged tires.

Don’t use cruise control

Whenever it is raining, never activate cruise control. Even if you are on U.S. 75 or U.S. Highway 82 while it’s raining and there aren’t any other vehicles around you, don’t use cruise control.

The system cannot tell that the pavement is wet, so it’s going to brake and accelerate as if it were dry — so you’re far more likely to lose your grip on the road.

Use the brakes properly

If your car has an anti-lock braking system — and all new Chevrolet vehicles at Sherman Chevrolet do — then you don’t need to pump the brakes. The ABS system automatically adjusts your car’s wheel slippage and braking to optimally regain traction. Pulsing the brakes only messes up the system’s attempt to regain control.

For a safe family SUV you can drive in Sherman, check out our inventory of Suburban and Traverse models in stock at Sherman Chevrolet. You can find many models with all-wheel drive, which makes driving in the rain even safer.

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