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Chevrolet truck owners who love cross-country travel and camping trips are discovering the convenience of installing a truck bed camper. Less wieldy and more affordable than trailers, large RV campers and truck vans, truck bed campers can be customized into a chic mobile shelter, motel on wheels, or convenient cargo holder.

At Sherman Chevrolet, we understand that Silverado and Colorado owners have a variety of truck bed campers styles to consider. Your choice will all depend on how you care to personalize your pickup, and how you want to make the most of your off-the-beaten-path experience.

When outfitted with a tonneau cover, floor mats, extension bars, truck bed organizers and other accessories, a Chevy truck bed camper can provide comfortable living space as well as great storage. Also, because the camper is installed on the Chevy truck bed, you can ease a Silverado or other full-sized Chevy pickup into a campsite, RV park or trailer park without worrying about a tight squeeze.

If you own a Silverado or Colorado, the experts who staff our Sherman Chevrolet Parts Department can help you accessories to accent your vehicle’s truck bed and camper.

From simple shells, frames and tents, truck bed campers have evolved into elaborate structures complete with floor plans. Different types of truck bed campers are coming to market. But before deciding on a camper for your Chevy pickup, you should study your truck’s manufacturing specifications.

From there, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of hard side versus pop-up, non-slide versus single-slide versus multi-slide, long versus short versus super-short bed lengths, wet bath versus dry bath versus toilet-only, and cabover versus cabover-less models.

If you prefer to visit Sherman Chevrolet instead of scouring publications and doing website searches, know that our parts experts can help you select the truck bed camper best suited to your Chevy (or GMC) pickup, budget and lifestyle. And, when you’re ready to buy a Silverado for sale in Sherman, you can rely on Sherman Chevrolet to help you choose the right Silverado – one that’s perfectly suited for the truck bed camper of your choice.

As a community dealership serving all of North Texas and Texoma, we make it our business to provide our customers with the best in automotive accessories. So visit Sherman Chevrolet today and let us help you rethink the space your Chevy pickup’s bed has to offer.

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