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Many customers who come to Sherman Chevrolet to replace their older vehicle ask us: Is it better to lease or purchase? The right answer is different for every customer. Everybody’s budget is different, as are their needs. The first question that most people need to ask themselves is “What can I afford?”

If you’re car shopping on a budget, Sherman Chevrolet can offer you many options to either lease or buy a new or previously owned vehicle to fit that budget.

The advantages of owning a new or previously owned vehicle

Owning a new or previously owned vehicle has its perks, especially when you buy one of our new and certified pre-owned Chevy’s for sale in Sherman.

Our new cars for sale in Sherman come with the Chevrolet Complete Care owner benefit program, a package that provides excellent comprehensive service and support on every new Chevy we sell here at Sherman Chevrolet.

And when it comes to finding the best deals on previously owned cars for sale in Sherman, there is no better place to go than Sherman Chevrolet. Sherman Chevrolet is a certified pre-owned Chevy dealer, which means that every one of our used cars, trucks and SUVs has gone through – and passed – a rigorous 172-point vehicle inspection as well as a thorough reconditioning process, and comes with not just one but two General Motors-backed factory limited warranties.

Despite these advantages, buying a car is not the best option for everyone. There is a lot to be said for leasing, especially in terms of initial, monthly and long-term costs.

The advantages of leasing

There are three big advantages to leasing over buying a car (four, if you are a business owner):

The down payment and the monthly payments are usually lower.

You’ll always have a fresh, up-to-date vehicle.

You don’t have to worry about the trade-in value.

If you are a business owner, check with your accountant – you could get a big tax break by leasing a vehicle instead of buying one.

We at Sherman Chevrolet offer the best lease specials in Sherman, Texas – and anywhere else in the Texoma region. Sherman Chevrolet always has a variety of financing specials to choose from, and we will not be beat!

What you should consider when weighing the choice between to buy or to lease

The key factor in the decision to buy or lease is money. Lease payments are usually lower than car payments, and the down payment is also usually much smaller. That’s because when you lease, you are not paying the full value of the vehicle, but are instead renting the car for a specific period. On the other hand, once you pay off the final payment on a car you bought, you own it outright and never need make another car payment as long as you continue to own it. Once you make the last payment on a lease, you also give back the car – and that means starting all over again with car payments of one type or the other.

The other big issue in the auto lease vs. purchase argument is how often you think you will want or need a newer vehicle. Typically, buyers plan on keeping a car for 10 or more years, while someone who leases a car will return it when the lease is up. While car buyers find that their maintenance and repair costs increase with the age of the car, someone who leases doesn’t have to worry about that. They also don’t have to worry about depreciation, because they will be turning in the car when the lease is up.

What’s better for you?

Still not sure if leasing or buying is better for you? Why not come down to Sherman Chevrolet and talk it over with us? If you’re car shopping on a budget, we have the best lease specials in Sherman, Texas, and the best car deals on new and certified pre-owned Chevy’s for sale in Sherman.

Whether you lease or buy, we have the best, fairest and most affordable financing deals you will find anywhere. Come take advantage of our financing specials at Sherman Chevrolet!

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